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Umm yeah... if you could go ahead and send us your SQL Server problems... it would really, really help us out.

Team Problem Solving (TPS)

Every third month the FairfieldPASS user group is going to be hosting our new TPS event. The TPS event is an Office Space themed meeting where you tell us what you need help with or would like to learn more about. As a group we will talk through problems and discuss solutions. The event is designed to be highly interactive and will make efficient use of all of our unique experiences and knowledge.

How it works

1. TPS event minus three / four weeks: we will send out a call for issues. 

While the call will go out at that time, you may submit at any time and will compile the submissions for the next event. See below for submission information.

2. TPS event minus one week: we will announce half of the selected problems to the group. The other half we will keep secret until event day. 

The half that we send out is to give the group a chance to try and solve these problems on their own before the day of the event. We intend this to bring differences in method to light. Working towards a single solution just will not do when we can bring our diverse experiences together to demonstrate multiple methods. 

The hidden problems will be added fun, forcing us to think on our feet and develop our troubleshooting processes more than the solutions themselves.

3. TPS event day: we will use our Azure IaaS environment to demonstrate / reproduce the problems, one at a time. Then it will be an open forum to discuss solutions. We encourage you to grab the keyboard from us and do some live coding. Take control of the whiteboard. Take control of the entire event!


How to submit

1. Send us your problems to fairfield@sqlpass.org

These problems can be issues that you are dealing with right now, issues that you have already solved but think the group might benefit from hearing about, or problems that you have never encountered but are good ideas anyways.

Please include scripts or directions for reproducing the problem. If you experience this issue in your production environment we recommend that you create a generic reproduction script with test tables and data. If that is an undue burden, please script out the necessary objects and data from your environment but be sure to anonymize and obfuscate it before sending it to usDo not violate any non-disclosure agreements or other contractual limitations.

2. We will compile submissions and select an appropriate number to cover in the meeting. If your problem is selected we will let you know in advance. We will contact you with connection information to our Azure environment so that you will have an opportunity to check our work, if you so desire.

3. Come to the meeting so we can help you solve your problem!


Example of a great submission

Coming soon...


Mat Cyr
FairfieldPASS Board Member
TPS Event Coordinator

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